Why doesn’t he love me? I always had this question in my mind. Why does he treat me like a trash ? Am I not good enough. Is there something wrong with me ? May be I am not smart enough for him or It is I always had these Questions I kept asking myself .

It took me hard time to realize that How would he love me when I don’t love myself enough. I don’t accept myself he way I am . I believe there is something wrong with me . Many people told me I don’t value myself .They told me about practising Self love But I did not know to start it .

I need to understand how worthy I am and I deserve someone who would treat me the way i deserve. How can i blame him when It was me who never accepted herself .I let him be harsh with me . Why was I pleasing him all the time ? I kept chasing him like he is the only one on earth even If he is the last person he should not be more than myself for me . It is so uninspiring when you don’t know your own worth . How can you expect others to know it.

After all this time I wasted on this one person I realized Someone who knows your worth would never put you in the situation where you start hating yourself .You feel lack of self confidence .Someone who takes you for granted would leave you anyhow today or tomorrow .So Its a complete useless to invest your time in someone else Instead It’s better to invest that time on yourself .There are lot of people who loves you for who you are .It’s you who push them away because you feel you don’t deserve them .

There is a song “Free your soul,Rest will get up..”…

It will once you start loving yourself .

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