My love for you has never been enough . It was not something you asked for . It took me so long to realize it is has nothing to do with me . You could not accept it because it was too much for you . It was my fault that I keep chasing you even though you never wanted it .I know you always enjoyed my company . You still crave for my constant attention . I have been there for you always like I owe you something . Even when you did not ask for it. You took it for granted because I was so easy . You were my home when I was just another option for you

You could not love me back because It was not complete . It was me who was craving for your love . I waited so long for that love which was never mine . I know I did not love myself enough to accept this fact . I am just another Human . I can make mistakes . I had to learn Self Love because I need it more than I need you . I am so grateful of you that you led me to this journey of Knowing myself .

Now , I want to to love that person I see in the mirror more than anything else . Why would I let you treat me so harshly when It’s me who is full of of Love . It won’t make any change even If you come back now .You have already lost it Like I lost my faith in me . Instead of chasing you I am going to work on this journey of self love . It’s a daily process . My love is never gonna be enough for someone who does not know how to handle it But It is enough to Fix my broken heart .

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