Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.”

Something you don’t take seriously is being kind to yourself . This is something which I want to practice daily . I want to be kind to the Person I see daily in the mirror . I want to be kind to my thoughts . I want to process more positive thoughts . This is a daily practice and Its hard when you have been so rough on yourself .

When You start focussing on yourself You get best version of you . It is not about being better than anyone else but Its about being better than your past . You have to be more kind toward yourself like you are to others . Especially at this time , (2020) This year has been hard for everyone . This year is all about you . Care about your feelings what you feel matters . Nurture your body , It needs your attention .Believe me It will change a lot . Focus more on your thoughts ,Being Mindful is necessary .

I know Even when I am writing and telling others to be Kind to themselves I don’t do it for me .It’s easy to tell others than doing it. But since I have start writing It makes me Feel good . It is a kind of therapy which helps me to focus on me .So , yeah , I am working on my Mental health . you can say .

There are the few ways you can be Kind to yourself :

  • Watch ,Read ,Write something that uplifts you .Let your self-esteem go up.
  • Do what you enjoys the most even when you are not very good at it . Try new Hobbies.
  • Say something positive about you to yourself , Even Inside your head you must be nice to yourself .
  • Don’t give your Time or your energy to those who makes you feel negative or sad .
  • Forgive Yourself and others else well . Let it go
  • Treat yourself .yes ,You can eat unhealthy once in a while .
  • Meditate .

It’s important to be kind to yourself . It helps to motivate your Inner self and boost your self esteem .Remind yourself every time you forgets how worthy you are .It is all about Self-Love.

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