“ Comparison is an act of violence against the self.” Iyanla Vanzant.

Why Do I have such messy hair ? I wish My hair were as straight as hers . Everytime I see someone with good long hairs .I Start comparing my short curly and wavy hairs to them . Even When many people have told me that my hairs are really nice But I doubt . It is not just about hairs . It is about my sense of comparing my lifestyle with others . Everyone does that but why ? Why do we have to compare ourselves to others when we all are different souls with different mindset and different body.

Now a days It is easy to reach and check out other’s life , thanks to Social Media . We can see every thing What they are up to , how do they look like , How do they spend their holidays and then we end up comparing our life, our body , our belongings to them . We don’t realize that most of the things on social media are just for show off . People display to make you jealous , to make you compare your life to them. Never forget that Snapshot of a minute does not display someone’s whole life.

We all are unique people with different experiences . And I believe our perception about things depends on our life experiences . So then Why do we have to compare when even our traumas are different?

Only person you should compare yourself is to be with your past . Whenever you are comparing yourself with someone else you are doubting your own worth . Are you not good enough ? you have your own unique journey .Your life has different goals than their life then why do you feel so insecure . why do we have this urge to compare our life to others ? can we control it ? Can we control this urge?

Yes we can . We can stop comparing our life to others once we realize our own value . It takes your joy away . You must learn to celebrate yourself . You have different qualities than them . Remind yourself how worthy you are .

As a humans , It is our nature to compare ourselves to others but nothing ever comes out of . it .You are just wasting your time . So let’s be happy about what you have got .

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