Every time I close my eyes I see your face and I try to feel your presence. Even though I have not seen you for the last six months or more than that I still remember every moment we spent. I still remember every kiss we had. I remember That night when we both were leaving for our homes and I did not know I would not meet you for the next 6 months.

I wish I would have held you longer. I wish I could kiss you one more time. I love it when I see you looking at me. I wish I could catch your eyes looking at me one more time. I know you are feeling the same. This year has changed so much.

But there are no more ‘One more’. I don’t even know if I would meet you again or not. How mysterious is life? You can’t predict what is coming next. You don’t know what the future holds for you. Nothing is constant. This is so scary but I believe the universe is full of blessings . God has got a better plan for us. The plan we can’t even think of as he knows us much better than we do . Sometimes what we wish for is not what actually we required .

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