Have you felt like you are too stupid to give yourself so easily? I am feeling this right now . I am feeling used Like someone came to me for all his needs and now when I look for him I can’t find him . Where is he now ? I can’t see him anywhere. What do I do about it .What do I do with these emotions . I am not able to love myself .I am angry at me .Why do I carry these emotions ? I feel so much and I feel so deeply .

I thought this time it would be different . I thought he is someone else . He knows me .He won’t hurt me . All those things were just a fucking Lie . He betrayed me . I never realized he was looking for better option . May be I was not enough for him .This is making me crazy .I can’t stop my tears .Was I not good enough ? or He was just another toxic human ?I keep attracting to these less sensitive people . People with no emotions .

How do I escape from this sadness . I knew he won’t stay for too long .I thought It would be easy for me to let him go .I forgot I am someone who invest emotions . I get attached .Some people thinks I live on a fairy land and there is no such thing as emotions . Am I all alone on this fairy land ? I hope I find someone like me on this land . Someone who would understand me and my dumb sentiments .

6 thoughts on “My Dumb Sentiments ..

  1. Yes, there are way too many people who have no emotions or simply ignore them.
    I was one of them for a long time because I couldn’t stand all the madness in the world.
    And then I got mad myself, probably even more than those I thought were mad.
    I know that it is hard to love yourself. In my case it was easy when I was young. But after people treated me bad, called me all kinds of things and I also couldn’t keep up with this fast, pushing and aggressive world, it locked my emotions. It was scary for myself and painful. Because I couldn’t even cry when I wanted to, when I was safe and alone.

    The emotions still sometimes freeze, but since one year ago, I started to find myself again.
    When I am alone or with people who are open, I just feel the love.
    But as soon as someone else starts to talk bad things and tries to make everything I did and do seem like nothing… then I often lose it again for some time.

    You are definitely not alone, but I think people like us are often physically alone or at least feel this way while being surrounded by other people. Around the world are many more like us. I mean, of course different in some way 🙂 but people who understand.

    I understood as a child, that only I could give myself the love I wanted and then also people, real friends, who would support me and I would support them. I lost this way of thinking over the past years and found it again recently.

    Either way, don’t lose hope out there. The land is not empty and we are here to make it shine bright again. At least I hope. ❤ 💜 💙

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  2. I was similar like you but I did one thing, I removed all the negativity and little cobwebs from my mind. Don’t think about bad people or bad incidents think about yourself or good incidents. ☺️#LoveYourLife #CarryGoodThoughts #BelieveInKarma #FakePeopleAreEverywhere.

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