Yesterday when he said I take things too personally. was he correct? . Every little things that takes place around me or If someone says something to me I keep thinking about it .I over analyze things or words people says to me .Why is it so?Am I too sensitive?is it me or they?

When someone criticizes me or gets mad at me I gets worried or over think about it .May be it has nothing to do with me . May be its about them . Every person live in its own world .Every mind has its own perspective about things. Their words reflects their own level of thinking .May be it’s about their own insecurities.

Then why do I get stressed when someone gets rude to me. I can’t control their own behaviour .All i can do is not get under their influence . I know Its hard to control your thoughts as I am too sensitive about things . I think more deeply as compare to others around me. My friends told me I cry a lot. Is this a sign of being over sensitive?

I hope being sensitive isn’t a type of bad personality. I hope people don’t judge me for being too emotional. My emotions are my strength. My vulnerability helps me to learn about me. I attract to more toxic people may be because I am a giver and they say “Givers attracted to Suckers”

7 thoughts on “Is it me? ..

  1. You being a sensitive person is a god’s gift to you. You can rejoice and be happy in other people’s happiness and you can feel the pain in someone else’s sorrow.
    There is nothing bad in feeling more. 💕

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  2. Your sensitivity and being emotional is (in my eyes) a good thing. You care for yourself and also others and think about things more deeply. If more people like you would exist, then I maybe wouldn’t have gotten this broken. And yes, people who give attract people who take, but not only them. Sometimes you find a soulmate. And please don’t break apart and or blame yourself. 💕
    Most people don’t think much about what they are doing, I experienced it a lot.

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