Sometimes No matter what you achieve ,You feel like you are missing something . You Try to get everything you want but still you feel incomplete . Right ?

Since childhood I have been feeling this emotion .I feel like I am not at my home . I feel This is not where I belong . This place is not mine . I don’t feel connected to anything .So I decide to move to different place .But I could not get rid of this emotion . I could not feel complete anywhere, with anyone . During school I never had any friends so I felt it’s because I lack People in my life but when I went away from my home I got lot of friends . But even “Friends” could not replace that feeling . I don’t understand why do I feel so incomplete . What do I want exactly ? Where do I want to go ? Where is my home ? I wonder If it’s a place or a Human or a Thing .What is it exactly ?

When I went away from my home or I should say my House I fall in Love . I thought That might make me feel whole .But Even Love could not complete me .I have been feeling homeless since childhood . It feels like there is a void inside me and no one could see that incompleteness.

Now , this emotion has become like a home to me .I am not even scared of it anymore . I try to carry it with patience . I feel like this emotion is where I belong . I don’t even pray to get rid of it .I pray to get more stronger so I could welcome this Emotion with No Tears …..