My heart feels empty…

Hey ! you. Today when I called you I knew I would end up feeling these emotions. These feelings which I keep inside me and I know they are much safer inside me.
I feel like I need you next to me. It’s been so long I have not seen you. I don’t know when would I get to meet you. I can’t tell you these thoughts. I am scared maybe you don’t feel the same. I am scared that you might go away when I tell you what I feel for you. I can’t repeat the same mistake twice. This is like being a fool.

I never understand this part of me where all I want to do is crying. Even though there is nothing to be sad about. I know you are there for me. You would listen to me if I tell you what I feel.
The void inside me is starving to meet you and tells you how much you mean to me. I know it won’t change anything. Does not matter how I feel, Nothing would change. Sometimes I wonder maybe I am looking for love at the wrong place. You can’t fill this void inside me .you can’t make me feel whole. But still, I need you when I feel like this whole world is against me. They tell me that I am stupid. Now you would say I should not act according to their perspective. You have helped me a lot. No one could understand me better than you .you knew me so well and I felt so safe around you. I wish I could live in this home forever.

My heart is crying out loud shouting at people around me. How do I tell them my emotions? they don’t get my words. They don’t get these emotions. I wanna get away from everyone. There is a lot of pain inside me and not a single soul could read it.

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      1. You are most welcome!! It is a powerful piece!

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