Not feeling Good ! I have decided to write because I could not find a right person to talk about it . I don’t know what I am going through right now . I have no Idea which phase is this , But I am stuck inside my head .I am feeling confused and I don’t know if I need any help or is it just me overthinking ?

I am being too anxious these days . It feels like I am loosing everything and I am stuck at same place for a long time . I want to move . I want to go away from everything . It feels like I am in a pain and I don’t know the reason . I am writing with a hope that It might help me to pass this moment.

Since childhood I have not had enough confidence to talk about my needs . It has been tough for me to know myself . I don’t know what exactly I want . It’s been hard for me to choose . I was a lost child ,I am still lost . Sometimes I don’t feel any emotion and it gets numb Inside me . It feels like I am used to it . I am used to this pain and sufferings but Sometimes It gets hard to go through it . It gets tough to move on , to be more productive and Today is that day . No matter how strong you are there is a moment of weakness . There is a moment when your emotions starts controlling you and then at that moment I crave for someone who could read me without saying anything , Who could just hold my hand and be there . I am looking for a presence . Is it too much to ask ?

2 responses to “Lost”

  1. It’s Okay to not be Okay……You will get over it….:) 🙂


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